Optical Detection Technology & Software

Oculer has developed its range of assays using the 930 Series instrument, its selective media formulation and sophisticated software suite.

The Oculer Oxygen Sensor

The Oculer system employs a highly sensitive oxygen sensor that detects a reduction in oxygen in the sample that occurs with microbial growth

When the sensor fluoresces due to oxygen consumption the Oculer instrument reads the fluorescent signal

Oculer’s APCheck™ Vials

APCheck™ Vials contain the Oculer oxygen sensor. Vials are available in 2ml and 15ml sizes 

Vial Features

Sample identification with the attached, unique bar code 

A variety of different assays can be run by utilising target-specific vials containing optimised media

Actual sampled volume is larger than standard agar plate techniques 

The 2ml vial allows maximum test throughput on Oculer’s readers and the 15ml vial allows maximum detection sensitivity

Oculer Series Readers/Incubators

Oculer systems offer high throughput testing The Oculer 930 series is available for either the 2ml or 15ml vial sizes with test capacity of up to 48 vials at a time 

 930 Series Features

Traceability of tests using the integral bar code reader and removable carousel

Operating modes allow for internal and external incubation of samples

Space conscious design and low power consumption

Low maintenance costs driven by sealed optical design

OcuSoft Software

Walkaway test – no further human intervention required up to the point of analytical review by qualified and authorised personnel

Fully automated data reporting and analysis facilitated by centralised data management

High level early warning features for production management

Automated alerts for test sites that are trending towards a positive result for microbial contamination

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