How It Works

The Oculer Rapid 930 series of instruments are incubator/readers that detect microbial growth by continuously measuring the concentration of oxygen within a culture vial using a luminescent oxygen sensor. The sensor is robust and not impacted by pH, temperature or other gases such as carbon dioxide, meaning it can be used with carbonated beverages.

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Lab Testing: Simple 3 Step Process

Add sample to vial containing pre-prepared sterile media.  Image
Step 01

Add sample to vial containing pre-prepared sterile media.

Most Oculer assays utilise 10 ml of sample for greater sensitivity of detection. Sample is pipetted into the vial and mixed by inversion.

Put vials in incubator/reader Image
Step 02

Put vials in incubator/reader

Bar-coded vials are placed into the reader/incubator and measurement of the oxygen concentration within the vial begins immediately and continues for the duration of the assay.

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Step 03

Read Result

All results are presented in an easy to understand format - either as Pass/Fail for qualitative assays such as yeast and mould detection, or as a cfu/ml count for Commercial Sterility tests.

Expert help

We can provide expert help for method verification

Supporting you with the various stages when migrating from other testing methods

Our Chief Scientist and his team have extensive experience in the design and performance of comparison and validation or verification studies. Oculer works with potential customers to design studies to meet their requirements.

Very little training is required for the Oculer Rapid 930 Series of instruments and tests can be performed by personnel with little or no microbiology experience. Training can be delivered on-site or virtually and Oculer’s technical support team are always available to answer your questions or to troubleshoot problems.

Oculer can help with data analysis, advising on the type of statistical tests that should be applied to the data generated in the laboratory and where necessary performing all necessary statistical tests.

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