Absolute Reliability!

Oculer has developed a complimentary suite of technologies that depend on secure and robust operational functionality of our instruments along with the instant transmission of precise results to the users of our rapid microbiological assays. Our ethos and our philosophy is all about just one word … DEPENDABILITY.

Our engineers have created complete dependability for YOU, by building a comprehensive software platform which we maintain and constantly upgrade. All the time.

This means that our software engineers never rest.  Instrument operation, data generation, complete sample traceability, preservation of test data… all of these things are critical to today’s users in demanding and challenging Quality Assurance testing environments. Our software engineers know that they must keep up to date with new operating systems, the latest security threats, new Oculer assays and test methods … all of which represent a constantly changing landscape which must be dynamically navigated.

Every customer of Oculer’s Rapid 930 Series technology is automatically licensed to receive the latest software revisions and upgrades - which can be downloaded to the system right in your own lab - either by on-line downloads or (if you prefer) via manual uploads from Oculer thumb drives that are issued with each new software release.