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100x Sensitivity

OCULER assays are capable of analysing up to 10 mls of sample - this results in up to a one hundred-fold increase in sensitivity which leaves other rapid assay technologies in the shade. Using this level of sensitivity, Oculer has gone on to deliver Commercial Sterility assays that are unrivalled in their ability to “Bring Microbiology to Light”

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Quickest Results

OCULER’s Yeast and Mould Assay has been developed to deliver PRECISE RESULTS within 48 hours rather than 120 hours … a revolution in industrial microbiology and a challenge that no other rapid assay technologies or traditional methods could hope to achieve !

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Integrated Analytics

OCULER’S advanced analytics allow fully automated real-time results data to be captured, analysed, interpreted and can be reported, interfaceable with all LIS, LIMS, Intranet and Internet solutions together with cloud based capability. Data interpretation can be carried out remotely at one centralised location

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