Revealing Microbes

Since microbial life such as bacteria, yeasts, moulds and fungi were first discovered several centuries ago, the biggest challenge in understanding more about them has been that we just can’t see most of them without a microscope.

Many microbial life forms go unnoticed and can even be beneficial in several subtle ways. But there are microorganisms that make Food and Beverage products spoil long before they should. So Quality Assurance managers and Industrial Laboratory Managers are always looking for better ways to determine whether certain culprits are present or not, and even better, if they can accurately count how many are present in a product before it is sent to market.

OCULER has been working hard to help solve this problem by developing  a new, low-cost, rapid assay range called the ‘Rapid 930 Series’ technology.  This novel solution is made possible by combining high-precision instrument optics with a specially bioengineered chemical sensor that detects and responds to the levels of oxygen within the sample. As cells respire and grow they consume oxygen. Oculer has developed a reliable and reproducible way to precisely measure this change by measuring the reaction of the fluorescent sensor to light as the oxygen level changes. 

None of this happened by accident. It took years of research and development; lots of commitment and hard work. Best of all, the fruits of our work are integrated into an instrument range that won't cost you a fortune.