Global consumer markets are rapidly trending towards the rejection of artificial preservatives in food and beverage products. This presents an increasingly challenging prospect for manufacturers whose reputation depends on product integrity and safety in the hands of their customers. The Oculer Rapid 930 Series benchtop incubator and reader is a high precision instrument that provides industrial microbiology laboratories with a novel, fully automated, low-cost test platform for confirming quality control. 

Founded and based in Ireland, Oculer has a dynamic and experienced leadership team that brings proven track records in developing life sciences businesses. The founding directors and shareholders are; Malcolm bell, Peter Thornton, Brian Byrne (CEO) and Prof. Colin Fricker (CSO and Head of Product Development).

Oculer has taken the detection of yeast and moulds to new frontiers for the manufacture of beverages such as non-alcoholic beers and wines, and desserts including yoghurts, smoothies, juices and concentrates, flavoured milks - dairy or plant based. 

Commercial Sterility testing (bacteria, yeast and moulds) of UHT and ESL beverages such as milks, yoghurts, flavoured milks (dairy or plant-based) is where the performance of Oculer’s technology towers above the crowd. 

Our market-proven Total Viable Count assay is a favourite choice for manufacturers to verify the  efficacy of their routine clean-in-place operations within food and beverage processing and filling equipment.  With unrivalled sensitivity - down to as low as 1 cfu/ml - you can be sure that you will receive rapid confirmation of contaminant-free facilities.

More and more QA managers from pharmaceutical and clean-room industrial environments are now opting for Oculer’s EM-Check flocked swab kit for the rapid detection of trace microbial contamination on working surfaces - providing risk-free manufacturing and handling performance within critically sensitive environments.   

Oculer has invested heavily in R&D over several years to develop novel rapid tests such as the new Alicyclobacillus test for acidic fruit juices and other beverage products. 

Other potential applications can be developed with assistance from our in-house application laboratory. With the specialist Oculer validation and technical support team you can be guaranteed receiving Expert Advice - whenever you need it!

Oculer’s customers are increasingly adopting our technology because it is simple, fast and accurate…..

  • SIMPLE - An easy-to-use system suitable for laboratories or non-specialist operators, just add the sample to a pre-prepared vial containing specifically formulated media, place in the reader and walk away. The reader will automatically monitor oxygen levels in each vial delivering pass/fail microbiology results in real-time. The Oculer system eliminates the need for highly skilled staff and can be used directly on the manufacturing floor. 

  • FAST - Pass results are obtained up to 72 hours faster than for traditional plates, the Oculer also has the advantage of positive results being available in real time, speeding up remedial action and reducing production costs. 

  • ACCURATE - Using a growth-based technology with large sample volume of up to 10ml gives a more accurate result compared to traditional plates or other alternative rapid microbiological methods available on the market. 

Improve your cashflow and protect your brand with OCULER.  Contact us for a proof-of-concept discussion today!