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Rapid Quality Solutions for Early Product Release

Designed for rapid microbiological testing of food and beverages within routine production operations, the Oculer Rapid 930 Series is a fully automated, self-contained, off-the-shelf solution. No additional laboratory equipment or microbiological expertise is required.

Oculer Rapid 930 Series Automated Incubator and Reader Image

Oculer Rapid 930 Series Automated Incubator and Reader

Ready-to-Use 100% Sterile Assay Vials, Prefilled with Bioengineered Growth Media Image

Ready-to-Use 100% Sterile Assay Vials, Prefilled with Bioengineered Growth Media

Deep Analytical Interpretation of Test Results with Full Traceability Image

Deep Analytical Interpretation of Test Results with Full Traceability

Oculer provides Expert Technical Supports and Resources     Image

Oculer provides Expert Technical Supports and Resources


  • Add sample to the pre-prepared APCheck vial
  • Place vial in Oculer System carousel; close the lid and walk away!
  • Results generated automatically
  • Skilled Microbiologists not required


  • Pass results available within 24-48 hours
  • High counts produce Immediate Fail Alerts
  • Results available from the instrument in Real-Time
  • Allows full integration with native Laboratory Information Systems


  • Large Sample Volume of up to 10ml allows enhanced sensitivity
  • Bar-coded vials ensure full traceability
  • Robust instrument design
  • Fully validated oxygen depletion technology

How it Works

The Oculer system uses a luminescent sensor to detect oxygen depletion caused by the growth of target microorganisms in a proprietary selective medium that is specifically formulated for each application.

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Featured Assays

Fully automated highly sensitive tests for a wide range of routine industrial microbiology applications. Achieve faster product release while reducing laboratory costs and waste

Typical Food and Beverage Applications

Extended Shelf Life Dairy products Image

Extended Shelf Life Dairy products

Fruit based juices; iced teas; energy drinks  Image

Fruit based juices; iced teas; energy drinks

Alcohol free beers and wines Image

Alcohol free beers and wines

Live yoghurts, cheeses and desserts Image

Live yoghurts, cheeses and desserts

Avail of our comprehensive Technical Support

Before, during and after the decision to upscale your food quality test regime. Oculer’s technical team helps customers to evaluate existing test methods; carefully plan and deliver a quality improvement programme using our robust low-cost technology

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Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional microbiology has lots of disadvantages, not least of which is the high cost of qualified personnel, expensive-to-run laboratory incubators and other facilities, waste disposal costs, etc.  When all these costs are fully factored into the equation, managers are often surprised to learn that the real cost burden of traditional testing can be much higher than originally thought. Oculer’s instruments are far cheaper than other rapid test technologies available in the market today. Because of this fact, Oculer can design a commercial package that suits you and your budget and can avoid the need for a large capital expenditure component up-front. Talk to us today … we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised about how little it really costs to modernise your operations. 

The Oculer Rapid 930-15 instrument system is capable of incubating and reading up to 24 tests simultaneously for the duration of continuous mode testing. For some types of test, this number can be significantly increased where carousels containing vials are incubated off-line for presence/absence testing (as many as 9 carousels can be run simultaneously in this manner). The 930-2 instrument carousel (catering for 2 ml vials) on the other hand allows up to 48 test vials to be run simultaneously, with off-line incubation possible in the same manner as the 930-15 instrument.  So the capacity of a single instrument will depend on which assay is being run and whichever test mode is preferred.

As well as providing direct sales and customer support in many regions - Oculer is represented by well-established distribution partners in certain geographical markets. Our partners are carefully chosen because of their deep knowledge of our technology, the quality of their dedicated and trained technical support personnel and their long track record in working with industrial microbiology laboratories around the globe. Contact us today to find out which company is available in your country / region to speak directly with you.

Oculer’s Technical Support group has extensive experience in the comparison of methods and their validation and verification. The process starts with a “customer needs analysis” and is followed by analysis of their products in our laboratory to optimise the test format (where required).  The technology is then installed either directly by Oculer personnel or their distributors. Installation can often be achieved remotely when required. Full training of personnel is undertaken and support is given to in situ technology evaluation (trial) with comparative studies, including trial design, data interpretation and statistical analyses.  On-going technical support is always available for our customers.

Samples that exhibit very high levels of microbial contamination can return a positive result in one hour or less. 

The Oculer Rapid 930 Series instruments can enumerate up to 10^7 cfu/ml without the need for dilutions.

Oculer assays are suitable for almost all liquid and semi solid samples and pH and carbon dioxide have no effect on the oxygen depletion sensor.

The Oculer 930 series requires minimal benchtop space with the dimensions measuring 30.5cmx31.8cmx38.1cm and weighing 12.5kg. Space for a laptop and two power points are also required.

The instrument needs practically no maintenance as it uses a non destructive technology for measurement. It can be checked with our reference vials as needed to ensure it is operating accurately and within tolerance.