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Rapid microbiological testing for best-in-class food and beverage manufacturing operations - Oculer presents a fully automated self-contained test solution which requires no specialist laboratory facilities.

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Oculer Rapid 930 Series - a robust high-precision and sensitive optical technology with fully programmable incubator functionality

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Ready to use sterile Oculer APCheck® assay vials with bioengineered media formulations; for the rapid detection of specific target contaminants

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Full data traceability and results analysis enable maximum data integrity and safe dissemination of results information to those who need it… fast.

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Expert technical support always available for the development of new test methods and protocols to help you meet your production targets … at minimum cost!

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Product Platform

Oculer 930 Rapid Series Instruments - High-Precision Optical Detection and User-Programmed Incubation

Oculer has manufactured its instruments to be the most robust, simple-to-use and fully automated platforms available on the market today. At the core of the 930 Rapid Series technology is a carefully engineered integration of precision optics; finely tuned temperature incubation controls; fluorescence sensors that monitor changes in oxygen within the sample matrix, and an individually formulated growth medium for each assay that promotes the growth and detection of target microorganisms in the sample.

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Key Features:

Precisely responsive sensor detects the reduction in oxygen caused by microbial growth in the sample

APCheck® assay vials have been developed with Oculer’s bioengineered selective media formulations

Up to 432 samples can be run simultaneously

APCheck® vials contain Oculer's oxygen sensor and are available in 2ml and 15 ml sizes

2ml allows maximum test throughput. 15ml allows maximum detection sensitivity

Low maintenance costs driven by solid state optical design

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Oculer APCheck® Vials

Featuring high-precision oxygen tension sensitivity plus our proprietary bio-engineered selective media

Oculer's unique matrix-independent selective/elective growth media is the result of extensive research and development investment over many years. APCheck® vials are carefully manufactured by Oculer, pre-filled and gamma irradiated prior to shipping to ensure consistent, reliable results.

Available Assays:

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Instrument Operation and Reporting Software

The latest generation Oculer software is continuously upgraded by our in-house informatics team so that the instruments are controlled and operated optimally and so that results are reported in the manner that customers require. Data can be interrogated on a standalone basis or fully integrated through native LIMs architectures in real-time.

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Key Features:

Enables real-time operation and control of the Oculer Rapid 930 Series Instruments

Flexible programmable Test Methods are created by the user, which govern the operating parameters of the instrument

Dedicated reporting in real-time in clear, easy-to-understand user interface graphics. Test data is preserved for future reference

Output data and report files can be  integrated to native LIMS systems

Routine upgrades issued by Oculer to reflect the latest assay developments and for most recent operating system releases

Oculer software is Windows 10 compliant and can be run on a standalone desktop / laptop system

How It Works

The Oculer Rapid 930 Series is a dual-function incubator/reader that, when combined with our bioengineered culture media and our precision oxygen depletion sensor forms a completely integrated package for food spoilage organisms.

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Easy process steps for Oculer assays

  • Pre-incubate samples as normal

  • Add 10 ml of sample to Oculer vial

  • Place vial in the instrument

  • Negative results confirmed after 48 hours

  • Positive results are available sooner

  • Prepare sample as normal

  • Add 10 ml of sample to Oculer vial

  • Place vial in the instrument

  • Negative results confirmed after 48 hours

  • Positive results are available sooner

  • Prepare typical samples as normal

  • Run samples on plates and on the Oculer system

  • Enter plate count data into Oculer system

  • A standard curve is generated by the system

  • Results are then expressed in cfu/ml (gram)

  • Add 10 ml sample to Oculer vial

  • Place vial in the instrument

  • Negative results confirmed after 72 hours

  • Positive results are available sooner

  • Samples can be incubated offline for pass/fail results

  • Use the supplied moist swab to rub over target surface

  • Insert swab into APCheck vial and snap off; replace vial cap

  • Place vial(s) into carousel of the instrument

  • Begin test run and walk away

  • Confirmed result available after 24 hours

  • Add sample to two test vials

  • Place vials in the instrument

  • Detection and discrimination between Gram positive and Gram negative available within 24 hours

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