Rapid Positive Release Of Commercially Sterile Products

Manufacturers of dairy and plant-based Ultra High Temperature (UHT) and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) products, can now release finished product faster with a more streamlined workflow using the Oculer Commercial Sterility Check (CS-Check) assay.


The reduced time to result leads to lower warehouse costs, plus early warning of possible spoilage problems thereby reducing waste production and enabling immediate root cause investigation.

In a fast moving, routine production facility, it is essential to have a simple to use check on commercially sterile products, one that is rapid and more accurate than traditional plates. The Oculer CS-Check assay will automatically monitor and analyse samples, detecting the presence of microorganisms in as little as 24 hours compared to 72 hours on traditional plates. Results are available in real-time leading to much faster alerts of positives.

Using pre-prepared vials, stored at ambient temperature, the Oculer CS-Check assay, does not require a lab or specific microbiological expertise to achieve positive release on commercially sterile finished products.