Oculer EM-Check® Surface Contamination Test

The Oculer EM-Check Surface Microbial Detection Kit is an all-inclusive, ready- to-use kit which simplifies and quickens the process of environmental surface testing for biological contamination.


The kit uses Oculer’s Rapid 930 Series Technology for the automated detection of microbial activity on cleanroom surfaces using a design that reduces the likelihood of sample cross- contamination and mishandling of samples by the operator.

The OC-ENV-02 kit is intended to be used with the Oculer 930 Series automated reader. The reader’s internal LED sends light to the polymer sensor located in the kit vial. The optical system detects the decay of the fluorescence signal emission, which correlates to the oxygen depletion over time due to the respiration of microorganisms in the sample. The system is flexible and allows either enumeration produced from an internal calibration, or a pass/fail test based on presence/absence of oxygen depletion over time. The instrument software allows continuous measurements of oxygen depletion within the reader or endpoint measurements from externally incubatedsamples.

The OC-ENV-02 kit with Oculer’s dedicated reader offers:

  • A traditional, growth-based method with enhanced sensitivity due to the oxygen sensing technology

  • Non-destructive testing allows further analysis or speciation by traditional methods

  • Suitability for Class A/ISO 5 classified areas and lower

  • An ideal way to sample the most critical and hard-to-reach points identified by risk assessment

  • High recovery of surface microbial contaminants using certified flocked swabs

  • Faster time-to-result by using an oxygen-sensitive probe assay

  • Automated sample analysis eliminating human reading subjectivity

  • Up to 24 samples can be automatically processed per carousel