Automated Yeast and Mould Detection in Less Than 48 Hours

Widely used in the dairy industry for the detection of yeast and mould in finished products, particularly yoghurt, the Oculer Rapid 930 Series Y&M assay can deliver automated results within 48 hours without the need for specific microbiological expertise.


The Oculer Series 930 system uses sensitive oxygen sensors to detect the growth of yeast and moulds in a proprietary selective medium specially designed to suppress growth of other microorganisms.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Fast - yeast and mould results within 48 hours

  • Sensitive - can use large volume size up to 10mls

  • Fully Automated - collect real-time data without the need for highly skilled staff

  • High throughput - run up to 212 samples at once

  • Reduced risk - only release product after test results are available

  • Flexible - can be used for both qualitative (presence/absence) and quantitative (numerical) testing

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