Oculer Team

Strong management team with significant experience developing life science businesses
and in the rapid microbial detection market

Malcolm Bell

Co-founding Director with responsibility for Strategy and Corporate Development 

Co-founded Oculer in 2014

Graduate in Molecular Biology, with a Masters Degree in Biotechnology - National University of Ireland

Founded Technopath Distribution in 1997 securing exclusive distributorships for Biotrace, Idexx, 3M, Tecra and AES Chemunex, Bentley Instruments and many other industry leaders.

Prof. Colin Fricker

CSO &  Head of Product Development

Senior Scientific Advisor to New Zealand and New South Wales governments 

Advisor to USEPA on test methods for Cryptosporidium and Giardia 

Co-inventor of the world’s largest-selling water test (Colilert-18) 

Awarded the W.H. Pierce prize for “Outstanding contributions to Microbiology” 

Ph.D in microbiology from the University of Reading

Brian Byrne

CEO & Director

Joined Oculer as Chief Executive in 2015 

Has held CEO, CFO and other leadership positions with commercial organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain and Ireland 

Specialises in project management and technology commercialisation challenges 

Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants

Peter Thornton

Co-founding Director with responsibility for Financial & Governance Oversight 

Co-founded Oculer in 2014 and brings significant experience in the areas of finance, corporate development, M&A and financing in both public and private life science companies 

Currently CFO of Technopath Clinical Diagnostics 

Served as SVP, Business Integration for Alkermes plc and SVP, Corporate and Business Development for Elan Drug Technologies 

Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland