Key Benefits of Oculer Microbiological Assay Technology

Yeast & Mould Testing with
Significant time savings

Significant time savings in microbial detection . Current average of 3-7 days using traditional methods is reduced to an average of 1-2 days with the Oculer Tests.

Reduced Working
Capital Requirement

Reduction in product quarantine times leading to an improvement in the free cash flow of the company; fewer product recalls.

Reduced capital expenditure requirement compared with current rapid methods

Enhanced Test Sensitivity

Can detect as few as one microbial cell in a sample.

Simple Sample Preparation

Simple sample preparation together with fully automated incubation removing the requirement for trained microbiologists on site. Easily repeatable process, resulting in reduced labour costs, a reduction in human errors and hence a reduction in the risk of product recalls.

Fully Automated- Real Time Data 

Fully automated real time data capture and analysis.

Increased Integrity & Security

Increased integrity and security of results. Results can’t be manually manipulated and are not subject to human interpretation or error.


Different tests can be performed simultaneously using the same tube configuration and instrument platform