Core Elements - Why Oculer Makes Sense

Oculer has successfully developed a range of rapid microbial detection tests which are unique because they are more accurate and are faster than traditional and other rapid test methods on the market. Oculer’s team of scientists has undertaken extensive research and development which has culminated in its two core commercially available assay products:

     - Assay for Total Viable Count (TVC) for aerobic bacteria 
     - Yeast and Moulds Assay 

Because of their superior performance, the tests enjoy a wide spectrum of customer applications in the areas of Food Quality and Environmental testing. 

The Oculer product offering consists of an integrated product platform bringing together:

Selective Media 

Proprietary bio-engineered selective media

Oculer designs, formulates and produces proprietary selective media to encourage the growth of the target microorganisms while simultaneously suppressing the growth of non-target microorganisms.


Proprietary software system and algorithms  

Oculer’s analytical platform facilitates fully automated data capture, analysis and reporting of results via LIMS, LIS, Intranet or Internet solutions.

Optical Detection Technology

Oxygen sensor and 930 Series reader

Oculer utilises an oxygen sensor combined with an automated incubator / reader instrument. When microbes grow, they respire using oxygen and the drop in oxygen concentration causes the oxygen sensor to fluoresce. This fluorescent reaction is then detected, read and measured by the instrument.



Yeast & Mould Assay

Dairy products 
Refrigerated finished products 
Ready to eat meals 
Personal care products

Total Viable Count Assay

Dairy products 
Clean in place rinse water 
Iced tea 
Infant formula 
Personal care products 
Filling line validation
Surface contamination swab test