Yeast & Mould

Guarantees a rapid and reliable test ensuring manufacturers don’t have to release their product on risk 

Oculer’s Y&M assay uses Oculer’s proprietary selective media that encourages the growth of yeast and mould microorganisms and suppresses the growth of other microorganisms.

The Oculer Y&M assay can be carried out in a maximum of 48 hours compared with c. 5 days for other products on the market.

The Oculer platform allows for testing of up to 10ml which is beneficial for a Y&M assay as it significantly increases assay sensitivity.

The assay reduces the need for manufacturers to release finished product on risk, due to quicker testing and consistently providing the correct results compared with alternative assays.

The assay can be used for both qualitative (presence / absence) and quantitative (numerical) testing .